The Project WD101

Local SEO, Responsive, Social Marketing, Website Design


AboutThe Client

This is our one of those projects which comes at the beginning of our journey and part of our Ammple Family. The client is running an institute for the preparation of NIFT and other art related exams. First the use of website is limited as an information platform like just the online presence, later on used for news, notifications, addmissions, online exams etc.

We’d also developed two more websites with two other domains and each one has some unique feature than other. This is our one of the starting projects and the client consider ammple as part of their professional family. Now the institute is one of the top destinations (Lucknow)for such students who are looking for their future in the field of art.


About this project

The website first developed on pHP platform and later developed in wordpress as a fully dynamic one. Number of additional features added time to time as per requested by the client.

There are two more websites developed on wordpress with different domain as per client requirements. Websites developed with SEO, Keywords and Tags for better search results.