The Project WD121

Local SEO, Responsive, Social Marketing, Website & Graphic Design


AboutThe Client

The Project WD121 is dedicated for an event management firm based in our hometown (Lucknow, India). The working environment of our client is vary from corporate to personal events. As part of our deal we had to provide website development, Graphic Designs works, Software Development, Digital Marketing services, Networking services and other IT related services.

It’s been a wonderful experience to work with such a creative and wonderful client. Our prime motive is to fully satisfied our client with our IT services by contributing in their growing story.


About this project

It’s one of the best experience to work with that kind of clients. As we all know the event management is a challenging job and it is necessary for an event organizer to focus on each and every thing more deeply with minor details, so same applied for us. Our job is not only to provide website and other IT services but to create a relationship with our client for the best outcome just like their business. We had to understand their needs and imaginations, visions & cultural aspects closely.

It gives us the opportunity to became more creative and visionary and we have to say that our client is happy with our services.

Apart from the website development, on our client request we also provide some other third party services like printing etc., and it was a great experience too. It helps us to grow more and getting more flexible makes more room for us.